Sister project workshop round-up

On March 30, 2022 FOODRUS’ sister project LOWINFOOD organised an online workshop “Innovation dynamics in agri-food value chains”.

The workshop shared knowledge about innovation practices in food value chains and discussions centered around the factors that influence the diffusion of innovations across food chains. Participants also discussed the benefits and challenges of solutions being implemented in varying contexts.

The workshop included valuable contributions from Stefano Pascucci (University of Exeter) and Inge Van Oost (European Commission representative in the SCAR-AKIS group).

For more information about the event you can read the summary here, or watch the event recording. 

CCN Webinar on Food Losses and Waste Report

On the 16th of February, the Cooperation and Collaboration Network of FOODRUS (CCN) organised an online workshop to share barriers and best practices from previous H2020 projects in order to support on-going projects focused on food waste reduction.

The webinar aimed to improve project cooperation and knowledge sharing, as well as identify potential cooperation activities to address specific barriers.

Below is the report of the event which summarises the content of the webinar. Elika, as coordinator of the CCN projects, organised the event with the assistance of the FOODRUS Cooperation Team, and in the end, 90% the CCN members participated.

CCN Webinar 160222 conclusions-final report