Danish Pilot


Copenhagen, Denmark

Food Value Chain Involved

Fish and meat

Lead Organisation

University of Copenhagen

Other Organisations Involved

Jespers Torvekøkken, Hörkram, Öxneholm, Fin Fisk.

  • Preventing and reducing food losses and waste
  • Optimise seafood and beef production
  • Promote healthy diets and meat alternatives to the public
  • Foster food waste valorisation
  • Increase plastic recycling

Danish government recommended the amount of meat consumed per week to be lowered from 500 to 350 grams of meat per week.

This pilot looks to test the social readiness level for changing diets towards a more plant-based diet will through offering alternative diets solutions while also using an innovative weighting system to monitor the change in food consumption patterns and preferences.

This will be combined with focus groups and workshops to raise awareness about environmental footprint associated to meat and food waste in general and to fully understand their choices and preferences before and after being exposure to new meat alternatives.

All relevant actors along the whole food chain and across sectors will be identified and actions will be taken at a system level to move up the food waste hierarchy.


WE NEED YOU! The University of Copenhagen launched a survey to identify innovative solutions to prevent food loss and waste.

To learn more and fill out the survey, please click here. The survey is also available in Spanish and Slovakian.