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New survey to identify food waste prevention best practices

The FOODRUS project has launched a detailed survey to collect data on food losses and waste and to identify new strategies that can limit such losses.

The survey is designed for both business owners and employees of companies at different stages of food value chains worldwide. The survey is divided roughly according to the stage of the food value chain (as shown below).











The objective of the survey is to:

  • Identify opportunities for business symbiosis & circular flows (i.e. the side-streams of a business can be an input for another business)
  • Detect food loss and waste prevention and valorization practices
  • Collect data on food loss and waste generation


Once the results of the survey have been obtained, they will be fed into eight workshops to share knowledge on the challenges and solutions of designing-out surplus food, loss and waste. These workshops will be divided into the following two themes:

  1. Food waste hierarchy and circular economy solutions (workshops 1-4)
  2. Tools and methods for monitoring and reporting of food waste (workshops 5-8)

The details of the workshops will be announced through the FOODRUS newsletter and through the project’s social media channels.


To fill out the survey please click here.


For further information you can contact Marianne Thomsen of the University of Copenhagen.

The survey is also available in Spanish and Slovakian.