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Partners contribute to draft law on the prevention of food waste

Partners from the FOODRUS project have contributed to the preliminary public consultation in Spain on the draft law for the prevention of food losses and food waste.

Between October and November 2021, the University of DEUSTO, EROSKI and ELIKA have contributed to the consultation which aims to:

  • Prevent food loss and food waste by all actors in the food chain
  • Establish a hierarchy of priorities
  • Contribute to meet the food needs of the most vulnerable population as well as a more sustainable production and consumption
  • Sensitise, train and mobilise all actors in the chain in proper food management as well as in of food information

FOODRUS is encouraged and inspired by these first steps taken to promote legislation that reduces food loss and waste and to adapt this in a way that motivates the companies and organisations that will adopt these new laws.

To read more about the proposed legislation, please find below a PDF provided by the Spanish Government.

Food Waste Consultation (Spanish)