Slovakian pilot


West Slovakia

Food Value Chain Involved

Bread value chain

Lead Organisation

Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra

Other Organisations Involved

FreeFood, TBS, NEDU

  • Decrease food waste and losses
  • Establish an active network of stakeholders
  • Create a model for prioritising use of edible waste for human consumption
  • Support in the processing phase for the identification of better technologies

Bread is the national symbol of Slovakia and as part of the national pride it should not feature among the most wasted foods in the country.

The Slovakian pilot, taking in place in the Western regions, will therefore look to raise awareness about food loss and waste in order to make it socially unacceptable. This will require changing the mindset of people based on solid information that it is not only concerned with wasted food, but also with natural and financial resources that are lost in the process. It also has a severe environmental impact as it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions with the impact on climate change.

Waste hierarchy will be created with a priority on food waste prevention, the further encouragement of food donations and making food recycling more available to the public and HORECA.

More active cooperation of all relevant actors along the whole food chain and across all the involved sectors will be established, including a special map of relevant actors.

For more information about the Slovakian pilot, please visit their website (in Slovak).